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Corgi Socks: 12 Funny Corgi Themed Pairs To Adorn A Corgi Lover’s Feet!

We know how much you love your Corgi! So why not show off your love in the form of Corgi socks? Whether you’re splurging on a pair of Corgi themed socks for yourself, or as a gift for a corgi lover, these adorable options are sure to please any Corgi lover (and their toes)!

These sweet and personality filled dogs are well loved, so why not show your love for Corgis around the house and office? We have plenty of Corgi inspired shirt options as well, but if you’re looking for Corgi themed socks… you’re in the right place! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair here.

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Corgi Socks – Top Corgi Themed Socks For Men

Corgi Themed Dress Socks For Men

These dress socks for men feature happy Corgis and coffee. No better mix for a more-fun-than-average pair of socks for the office!

Perfect as a gift for your favorite Corgi Dad, this pair is high quality, and a fun way for him to show off his love for Corgis!

Men’s Charcoal Heather Dress Socks

What better way to please a Corgi lover than this pair of funny corgi-butt themed socks?

They’ll keep your feet happy and cozy and they’ll keep your friends smiling, too!

Men’s Dog + Pizza Pair

With sizing for Mens shoes between sizes 7 and 13, this pair features two of everyone’s favorite things… dogs and pizza!

Soft material for long lasting comfort, and a style that’s sure to get you noticed, this pair will be your new favorite!

Men’s ‘I Heart Corgis’ Socks

Searching for the perfect cozy pair of mens socks for your favorite dog lover?

These are 80% cotton, breathable, and high on style. These will be well received by any Corgi dad!

Corgi Themed Socks For Women

Corgi Butt Women’s Socks

These playful socks by Socksmith showcase the adorable Corgi butt, in a tasteful yet playful way!

Available in several color options, these can be a neutral or bold addition to your outfit.

Kayaking Corgi Socks

This hilarious pattern features Corgis on kayaks! They are sure to bring a smile to any Corgi lover.

Blending great style along with quality and comfort, these are a great corgi themed gift idea… sure to become a favorite pair.

Pembroke Sports Socks In Athletic Blend Material

This adorable pair is perfect for the active dog mom, with moisture wicking material suitable for wear during active adventures!

These are perfect for your favorite active Corgi mom, and these are sure to be their new favorite pair for running, hiking or biking!

Womens Knee High Corgi + Donut Socks

What better way to show off your love for Corgis (and donuts) than with this bold pair of knee highs?

We think these will be a hit with any fashion forward Corgi lover.

Crew Socks With Corgi Theme

These crew socks are far from simple. Though they’ll go with just about anything, the memorable Corgi themed style will please the most adoring Corgi fans!

Sold in Women’s sizing, these are also available in another color option.

Funny 3D Corgi Butt Socks

This memorable pair of Corgi themed socks will be fast favorites for any Corgi lover!

Featuring a 3D Corgi butt on one side, with a lovable Corgi face on the other, they are funny and let you show your silly side along with your love for your favorite dog.

Womens Corgi Themed Multi Pack

If you simply can’t decide on just one pair, this multi-pack is the way to go!

This set includes 5 pairs of adorable corgi themed pairs for women, ranging from corgis riding scooters to showing off their fluffy butts! You’ll have a pair to match any outfit!

Hot Sox Novelty Doggie Socks For Women

This adorable pair is high quality and high on Corgi style!

In crew sock style, this pair of oatmeal colored socks are neutral, yet stylish and feature a variety of doggie poses you won’t be able to resist!

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