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Corgi Shirt: Apparel To Please The Most Serious Corgi Lovers!

Corgis are a beloved breed, and their fans are many. Whether you need a shirt for a gift, or just want to don your favorite pup on a silly tee, we have a great collection of Corgi themed shirts to choose from.

Shirts to please Corgi lovers of all kinds – and sure to make them chuckle as well – this list of party-ready corgi shirts is as fun as these sweet dogs are… making them a can’t-go-wrong option for the Corgi lover in your life.

If you’re searching for Corgi party specific items, check out our Corgi Birthday post here.

Side Tie Women’s Corgi T-Shirt

This floral Corgi adorns a feminine, side-tie tee, which is available in many color options.

This is a shirt you’ll want to wear all the time, to profess your love for Corgis to the world!

Corgi ‘Wearable Blanket’ Shirt For Women

More than a shirt, this wearable blanket-style hoodie is the coziest way to wear a Corgi themed shirt!

Sure to become a favorite of any Corgi lover.

Women’s Heart Corgi T-Shirt For Valentine’s Day

If a Corgi has your heart, this is the Valentine’s Day shirt for you!

You can wear this anytime of year, but it’s the perfect Corgi-themed gift for your sweetheart.

‘A Corgi Makes It Better’ Women’s Tee

Life is good with a Corgi. Show off your sentiments in this retro-style Corgi shirt for women.

It’ll get a lot of smiles, we’re sure of it.

Women’s Star Wars Corgi Themed Shirt

Marry star wars and Corgis and you get this chuckle-worthy play on words.

Also available in Men’s sizing… we know this is the perfect shirt for your star wars loving Corgi fans!

Sweet ‘Corgi Mom’ Shirt

Do you know the best Corgi mom ever? Celebrate her status with this adorable Corgi T-Shirt.

Many colors available.

Women’s Patriotic 4th Of July Corgi Themed Shirt

What better way for a Corgi parent to show their red-white-and-blue? This 4th of July T-Shirt for Corgi lovers is sure to be a favorite at the parade.

If you’re showing your patriotism, why not your love for Corgis at the same time?

Men’s Corgi Themed Hawaiian Shirt

Perfect for your tropical vacation (or Corgi-themed party!), this Hawaiian style shirt for men is covered in Corgi faces.

You’ll find other Corgi-lovers FAST when you’re wearing this!

Corgi Pocket T-Shirt

For every guy who wishes he could bring his Corgi along in his pocket wherever he goes.

This silly shirt is the next best thing.

‘Nothing Runs Like A Corgi’ Men’s Shirt

A nod to the famous tractor brand, this men’s shirt is a clever and funny way to honor your favorite breed!

This is available in men’s and women’s cuts, and several t-shirt color options!

‘Corgi Potter’ T-Shirt

If you’re both a Corgi lover and a Harry Potter lover, this shirt hits a home run.

Available in both men’s and women’s sizing, we’re betting you can’t resist this Corgi Potter tee.

Men’s Corgi Silhouette Tee

Backed by moonlight, the undeniable silhouette shape of a corgi is backlit in this funny men’s t-shirt!

Also available in other colors and women’s sizing.

Men’s Corgi Themed Valentine’s Day Shirt

Valentine’s Day gift for a Corgi lover, this shirt is the perfect way to show some love for a Corgi Dad.

Available in multiple colors.

Personalized Corgi Dad Shirt

Everyone knows you as the Corgi dad.

Why not just get a shirt that confirms it? Customize this with your Corgi’s name.

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