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Home » Best Birthday Cake Mix For Dogs: 4 Dog Safe Cake Mixes To Celebrate Your Pup!

Best Birthday Cake Mix For Dogs: 4 Dog Safe Cake Mixes To Celebrate Your Pup!

We have rounded up the only options you need if you’re looking for the best birthday cake mix for dogs… so you can whip up a special treat for your pup (with the confidence that it’s safe for them to enjoy).

A puppy’s first birthday is most certainly worth celebrating… but more and more, pet owners are using a pet’s birthday as an annual excuse to gather friends and loved ones!

Celebrating your pup on their birthday should be a fun and festive event… not one to cause any stress. With so many foods that are off limits for dogs, you can rely on these dog friendly birthday cake mixes for your celebration!

Looking for breed specific party theme ideas, decor or attire? We’ve got you covered! is here to help you celebrate your pet all year long.

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Looking For A Safe Birthday Cake Mix For Dogs? We’ve Rounded Up The Best Options For Your Dog’s Birthday Celebration!

Considerations when selecting a dog safe birthday cake mix for your pup’s birthday party:

Many cake mixes use eggs. This is a common allergen for dogs, so just remember you can substitute applesauce in place of an egg, for any of these cake mixes!

Ready-To-Bake Dog Safe Cake Mixes

Banana Flavored Birthday Cake Mix For Your Dog’s Party

This cake mix is ready-to-make, and especially created to be edible for dogs.

We think you could probably add a real banana to the mix, if you want to make it healthier for your pup!

Peanut Butter Birthday Cake For Dogs – All In One Kit

If your dog likes peanut butter as much as mine does, this PB flavored doggie cake mix will be a real treat on their birthday! Plus, this all in one kit includes a dog friendly ice cream mix, and bone shaped cake pan!

If you’re looking for a DIY birthday cake option for your dog’s big day, that’ll have you ready-to-bake in one click – this is the purchase for you!

Bone Broth Flavored Birthday Cupcake Mix (For Dogs!)

If you’re looking for a doggie safe cupcake mix, this one comes in bone broth flavor, and is highly rated!

This mix is ideal if you’re having your dog’s best pals over to celebrate (so everyone gets a cupcake!)

Dog Birthday Cake Mix Kit w/ Bone Shaped Cake Pan + Frosting Mix!


For the ultimate custom birthday cake to celebrate your pup, choose this mix… complete with bone shaped cake pan and frosting mix, PetCakes has you covered!

You’ll have a party-ready dog birthday cake in no time… and the cake pan can be used again and again!

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